FiiO RC-MMCX3B -- 耳機升級線



FiiO耳機升級線RC-MMCX3B -- HK$198 FiiO Releases Earphone Cables RC-MMCX3B 最近FiiO的網紅耳機明眸FH1熱點不斷,特別是數碼多強烈推薦評級引起了熱議!被討論了無數遍之後,我們發現大家還很喜歡FH1標配的平衡單端線材。 作為一個有求必應的專業大廠,我們決定響應大家的需求,正式將平衡單端線材單獨開售啦!它們也分別被命名為RC-MMCX3B(平衡線材)和RC-MMCX3S(單端線材)。兩條線材的外觀、材質等與FH1標配的無異,單端的線材外被為TPE材質,線芯為漆包銅材質;平衡線材外被為PVC材質,四芯纏繞編織,線芯為5N無氧銅鍍銀材質。 另外,RC-MMCX3B/RC-MMCX3S線材的插頭選用了L型銅鍍金插頭(彎頭),公頭處也具有紅藍標識,快速替你辨識左右聲道。這麼貼心又實惠的線材,就等你來下單! The FiiO FH1 gained great popularity for its good looking, comfortable wearing experience, and enjoyable sound signature and so on; even the provided cables are widely accepted by the customers. In order to let more customers to get these cables, we hereby sell them separately with the name of RC-MMCX3S for the single-ended cable with in-line controls / microphone and RC-MMCX3B for the balanced cable, with the exact same design and material as the provided cables of FH1. The 2.5mm balanced cable is made of silver-plated copper wire, which ensures a balanced sound signature and a high level of detail retrieval; The 3.5mm single-ended cable comes with a full set of in-line controls capable of playing/pausing songs, switching tracks, volume adjustment, and even calls with its high-quality microphone. They all come with L shape gold-plated copper plug and red/ blue adornment on the ends of the MMCX connector for easy identification of the audio channels.