FiiO RC-BT 藍牙升級線



FiiO RC-BT 藍牙升級線 FiiO Releases the RC-BT Bluetooth Cable with MMCX Connectors 此次藍牙線的面世,純粹是為了回應大家能更好地搭配MMCX耳機的需求。 簡單說說這款藍牙線的主要作用。RC-BT是專門為FiiO可換線耳機設計的藍牙升級線,不僅適合FiiO耳機FH1、F9、F9 PRO、FH5的可換線耳機設計,還可用於其他帶標準MMCX介面適合繞耳佩戴的耳機品牌使用。同時,RC-BT也支援SBC,AAC,aptX等音訊編碼,讓你的有線耳機變身為無線藍牙。 In response to the needs of transforming wired headphones into wireless, we specially made this Bluetooth cable RC-BT to ensure you get the best out of your music, anytime anywhere. The RC-BT is a Bluetooth cable with MMCX connectors for IEMs designed to work best with FiiO earphones, such as FH1, F9, F9 Pro and FH5. Its standard MMCX connector means you can transform many over-the-ear wearing earphones out on the market into a wireless set with the RC-BT. * Qualcomm CSR8645 Bluetooth 4.1 chip * Supports the SBC, AAC, and aptX audio formats * MMCX connector is compatible with many brands * Three-button multi-function in-line control center * Make calls with just one button * 10 hours of continuous playback * Supports connecting with 2 separate Bluetooth devices at once * Visible battery meter on iOS devices * Simple blue and red indicators * Lightweight for easier carrying