FiiO HB1 -- 防水耳機收納盒 (現只有透明)



FiiO防水耳機收納盒HB1 (現只有透明) -- HK$98 The Waterproof Earphone Carrying Case HB1 is Now Available! 每一副好耳機都需要用心的保護。 FiiO首款防水防潮,堅固耐壓的耳機收納盒HB1現正開售。 HB1整體採用高級聚碳酸酯材料注塑而成,內部更增加了軟膠TPU材質,能夠為您的耳機提供堅不可摧的保護。同時兼具防水防潮功能,能夠讓您心愛的耳機得到全方位的貼心保護。 Every pair of earphones should be well protected. The well-designed waterproof carrying case HB1 can help you to protect your lovely earphones against the elements. The outer shell of the HB1 utilizes rugged polycarbonate, while the inside employs soft TPU (thermoplastic polyurethane). This combination of materials ensures that the case is virtually indestructible. When combined with waterproofing capability, you can be confident the HB1 will reliably protect your prized earphones in any situation.

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