FiiO高純度的退火單晶銅平衡轉接線BL35 -- HK$198 FiiO Releases the 3.5-2.5 Cable BL35 擁有2.5平衡耳機線的你想要用3.5單端介面聽歌時,是否還在頻繁切換線材?FiiO最新推出的3.5mm公轉2.5mm母平衡轉接線 BL35,即可為你一線轉換,免去拆換耳機線的繁瑣。 做工上,為了保障聲音的傳輸、深度和解析力不受影響,BL35在選材用料上採用了高純度的退火單晶銅。單晶銅線可以使聲音的底色更加清爽,細節不丟失,時刻傳遞出乾淨純正的音色。同時,3.5插頭與2.5插頭均採用銅鍍金材質和鋁合金外殼,不僅有效降低音損,還能防止氧化生銹,經久耐用。 ※ The BL35 is suitable for when one wants to use their 2.5mm balanced-terminated earphones with a device that accepts 3.5mm balanced-terminated earphones. Compared to your typical adapter, the BL35 uses more high-end material in both the wiring and connectors, resulting in a sound with timbre that sounds noticeably more refined. Both the 3.5mm male plug and 2.5mm female jack are made of copper plated material and an aluminum alloy mix, for a smooth feel that captures the attention of onlookers.