DD hifi TC35B -- USB外置解碼音效卡Type C 轉3.5mm




【小配件、大改變】 所有Type C 電話用家福音,依家電話又無3.5mm,又想用返條 3.5mm 或 平衡2.5mm & 4.4mm線,又唔想接駁條長長既轉接線點算好 ??? DD hifi TC35B -- USB外置解碼音效卡Type C轉3.5mm -- HK$428 全不銹鋼外殼完全呈現 1. 3.5mm方案 -- TC35B: Type C 轉 3.5mm 身歷聲插頭 -- HK$428 2. 2.5mm方案 -- TC35B + DJ35A (2.5mm平衡母轉3.5mm身歷聲插頭 -- HK$168) 3. 4.4mm方案 -- TC35B + DJ44C (4.4mm平衡母轉 3.5mm身歷聲插頭 -- HK$328) 如果您正在尋找用於電話或其他具有C型端口的設備的小巧美觀的USB-C至3.5mm插孔適配器,請務必將DD TC35B簽出! 主要功能包括: 1. 小巧美觀的設計 2. 316不銹鋼外殼 3. 全CNC一體成型,打造完整性主體 4. ALC5686高性能編解碼器 5. 支持高達32bit / 384kHz 6. 自動檢測和識別 7. 省電功能 8. 支持帶CTIA標準有線控的耳機 9. 適用於智能手機免驅動程序,適用於Win10和OS 10. 方便攜帶 我這麼的小巧,你那麼的好用 1. 挖空一塊不銹鋼,就能放下全部 外殼採用316不銹鋼材料,內部掏空後再做絕緣處理, 將TC35B的Type C插頭、3.5插座、電路板等,做緊湊空間擺放。 不銹鋼的強度也足以保證可靠安全。 2. 省電很重要 插入檢測 在沒有插入耳機插頭到TC35B時,即使插入到手機或者電腦上, 也是不會工作的,就和沒有插入任何東西一樣。 當插入耳機插頭時,將會自動檢測識別。 在手機、平板、iPad Pro上使用時,隨插即用; 在電腦使用時,win10和OS系統免驅動,win7系統需要另外安裝驅動* 3. 支持帶有線控的耳機 CTIA國際標準的耳機,帶有麥克風、控制按鍵, 可以正常的用於通話和控制音樂, 一些耳機不支援音量調節控制,如蘋果耳機等。 4. 幾乎不能更短了 插座在手機底部,太長容易觸碰到而造成損壞, 儘量的短,儘量的減少內部元件的距離空間、長度的極限, 就是儘量接近一個耳機插頭那麼長,方便攜帶。 規格參數: 解碼晶片:ALC5686 PCM解碼能力:32bit/384kHz 輸出功率:30mW 雙通道@32歐姆 失真:<-92dB 動態範圍:>110dB 信噪比:>120dB 輸出負載:16~200歐姆,自我調整 頻率頻響:20Hz~20kHz 重量:6g 尺寸:18.8*11.2*10.2mm(不包含插頭) Smaller than Small DD HiFi Releases TC35B USB Type-C to 3.5mm Jack Adapter If you are looking for a compact and beautiful USB-C to 3.5mm jack adapter for your phone or other devices with Type C port, please be sure to check this DD TC35B out! Key features include: * Compact and cute design * 316 stainless steel housing * ALC5686 high performance codec * Supporting up to 32bit/384kHz * Automatically detect and recognize * Supports CTIA standard earphones * Driver-free for smartphones, Win10 and OS 1. A hallowed-out housing to pack them all The outer shell of the TC35B adopts 316 stainless steel, by the way of hallowing out the inside and insulation processing, it’s ready to pack the Type-C plug, 3.5mm socket, circuit board and other elements in a perfect compact way. The strength of the stainless steel housing is reliable and secure enough for your daily use. 2. Automatically detect and recognize When the earphone is not plugged in, the TC35B won’t work, even it’s connected to your phone or computer. It will detect and recognize automatically when the earphone is plugged in. 3. Supports CTIA standard earphones When you plug in CTIA standard earphones with microphone and controls, you can answer phone call and use the play/pause, volume and track selection controls. *Note: Volume control on Apple headphones is not supported. 4. It couldn’t be shorter The TC35B is supposed to place at the bottom of the phone, so it’s easy to get damaged if the adapter is too long. So we made it possible to reduce the distance between each components so as to make the adapter as short as possible. Specifications: USB CODEC: ALC5686 THD+N: <-92dB DNR: >110dB SNR: >120dB Output Power: 30mW@32Ω Drive Ability: 16~200Ω Frequency Response: 20Hz~20kHz PCM Sampling Rate Supported Up to: 32bit/384kHz Weight: 6g Dimensions: 18.8*11.2*10.2mm (exclusive of Type-C plug)